Sunday, August 11, 2013

China’s Past and Future

When I was in China as a kid, I was always told that Charles Gordon is a villain and Taiping rebellion are led mostly by good people. As I grew older, I realize Taiping rebellion is one of the worst plagues in Chinese history. Most of China’s troubles are due to own ignorance, not complying international law, and closing itself to outside world, which lasts until today. But I did not realize what a saint Charles Gordon is to China until I watch Watch the whole video or at least this particular one. The gap between Chinese and Western civilization is so wide… The only way to grow China further is to open it up further and let the Chinese people expose to outside work. This will release an unimaginable amount of productivity.


当我在中国作为一个孩子,我总是查尔斯·戈登是一个恶棍,太平天国领导大多是人。随着我逐渐长大,我认识到太平天国起义是中国历史上最严重的瘟疫之一。大多中国的麻烦是由于自己的无知,不国际法,并本身关闭外面的世界。这种情一直持续到今天。但直到我看, 我没有意识到查尔斯戈登中国是什么观看整个视频,或者至少这个特殊的一个。中国与西方文明之间的差距是如此之广,进一步壮大中国的唯一办法是打开中国,让中国人接触到外面的。这将释放难以想象的生产力